Nurture your network

You probably had a professional network before, but social distancing has made it difficult to maintain. And yet you need a solid network of peers more than ever right now. What can you do in the absence of professional events?

The paradox is that Covid-19 has actually made it easier to expand your network. You no longer need to search for something you have in common: everyone has been feeling lonely these last few months, and you’ve probably had similar questions! The difficulty doesn’t lie so much in virtual gatherings themselves (even if they can become tiring) as in deciding to devote time to themSome tips: 

        Be active on professional networks; create your own content and interact with those who read you. 

        Recreate professional events online; invite your contacts to join themed groups that you run regularly. 

        Draw inspiration from an Ivey Management School class that has kept in contact for 40 years. As well as meeting regularly, they have continued to work together by setting up a joint venture devoted to investments in the energy sector.  


What group project could allow you to reinforce your relationships over the long run? 


To go further: Maintaining Professional Networks in Good Times and Bad” by Mark Healy and Thomas Watson (Ivey Business Journal, July-August 2020)