A word from the experts

Selected pieces from HEC Paris experts on decision making will help you avoid strategic blunders

A collection of advice from HEC experts on decision making includes wise words from: Anne Laure Sellier, on the effect of training and reducing cognitive biases, which run rampant when things are unclear; Olivier Sibony, who takes a critical look at decision theories and their limits; Brian Hill, who unveils applicable tools based on theoretical models for guiding decisions in situations of great uncertainty. In addition, incisive texts on the impact of overconfidence on poor decision making; the impact of the perception of time on our decision making; and how new theories in economics help make predictions. 

This nine-part dossier provides tools to help you think about your decision making from new angles and develop appropriate strategies in various situations, especially when everything is clouded in confusion. 

To go further: How to improve decision making, (Knowledge @ HEC, 2020).