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You’ve been faced with a double bind for several months now: how can you stay in touch with your teams while keeping your distance? You’ll have to adapt or even reinvent part of your job as a team manager.


Although you can recreate team meetings or individual reviews remotely, these only form a small part of the events that make up office life. After all, how can you replace Friday afternoon drinks together?

® Draw up a list of the events that structure the lives of your employees. You’ve written down the weekly team meeting, projects reviews, and successful certifications – but don’t ignore so-called “minor” events, such as morning coffee, birthdays, or someone returning from maternity

leave. What new rituals can you introduce so you can continue to celebrate these moments large and small that help forge bonds?

® Take the opportunity to rediscover what these events are really about. You’re used to going from meeting to meeting on automatic pilot whenever a notification pops up on your online calendar. But take advantage of working remotely to rediscover the meaning of these events: what do you really expect from this meeting or that interview? Why are you doing it? Should you keep it? If so, in what form, and who should take part? Re-examine your habits and sort through them ruthlessly, only retaining those events that are still meaningful.


You don’t have to lead your team by yourself. Perhaps you’ve used facilitators during your face-to-face seminars in the past. Well, why not reproduce the same concept virtually by drawing on your team’s expertise?

® Call on the creativity of your team. Ask each member in turn to organize a new challenge every week as a way of starting or ending the team meeting: holding a Zoom background competition, for example, or choosing a visual theme (a color, pet, or personal photo they can share) and let them surprise you. It’s a chance for employees to show off their talent for unearthing new ideas that are quick and easy to implement.

Excerpt from Business Digest N°308, July – August 2020

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