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A particular management style isn’t effective in absolute terms: it either is or isn’t (!depending on the context and the people you have to manage. A modus operandi that works in one situation may turn out to be catastrophic in another – that’s the idea behind situational management, a sophisticated model championed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard many years ago, but which is still valid today regardless of the circumstances or technology!

It’s your turn!

The team that you lead works well, and the atmosphere and results are good. But there’s a problem: your colleagues, who were used to being quite independent, have been coming to see you on a regular basis for some time because they don’t know how to react to some especially aggressive competitors.


A. You encourage them to face up to the situation by showing them that you are available for any assistance they might request.

B. You take the first decisions, thereby helping your workers to regain control of the situation.

C. You let your fellow workers find ad hoc solutions for themselves.

D. You decide to enroll your staff in a problem-solving seminar to give them the right tools for tackling this kind of situation.






The correct answer is A: you make yourself more available to your staff so you can give them more encouragement. At the same time, you refuse to assume responsibility for an aspect of their work that they have to be prepared forstanding up to run-of-the-mill competition. In reality, the members of your team are usually competent and committed. The fact that they have been turning to you more often for some time isn’t because they’ve suddenly become incompetenin the face of a totally new situation. After all, they must have come across hostile competitors in their careers beforeIt is more likely that they are experiencing a momentary loss of self-confidence and are tiredHaving been competent and committed, they are slipping towards a less competent and committed level… 


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