Serious idiocy

Twelve shy of a dozen. About as sharp as a bowling ball. Mouth is in gear, brain is in neutral. We all like to make fun of people we consider stupid, but it’s time that someone took the subject seriously. Sort of.

In the book Psychologie de la connerie (The Psychology of Stupidity), philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, and writers from around the world give their point of view on human stupidity. Their analysis helps us understand why people act in stupid ways and how to deal with them. Stupid people are everywhere, and this simultaneously funny and informative book is designed to help us cope. Even Steven Pinker, professor of psychology at Harvard, noted, “We need books like this one.” After all, we’re all somebody’s fool.

While some get their kicks from belittling and discouraging others, or from behaving in other idiotic ways, most of us do not mean to behave stupidly. May whomever who hasn’t said, at least once, “I was an idiot,” cast the first stone! The idea is to try to become more aware of our own stupid mistakes – for everyone’s sake.

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Psychologie de la connerie by Jean-François Marmion (Éditions Sciences Humaines, October 2018)