The inhuman comedy

Going to work isn’t depressing. People generally like going to work, People generally like their companies and increasingly, as a general rule, the work itself. What’s unbearable is the absurdity of management.

La Comédie (in)humaine brings to life an insane contemporary management system that is demotivating, pathogenic and protested from within. Studies prove that the amount of disengaged employees has doubled in the last 10 years, reaching 20%, while less than 15% of employees trust their managers. Not only are they withdrawing but attempts to motivate them meet none of their expectations! Management has become demagogic. Here’s the paradox: never have managers so racked their brains for ways to improve well-being in their teams and never has employee discontent been so blatant. Demagoguery has become the norm in management. However, among all the elements that might aff ect a company (fear, infantilization, etc…) raising the quest for happiness to the status of a managerial act reeks of the absurd: companies are places for work, not delight.

I appreciate the audacity of these authors who dare to denounce the absurdities of our companies, which we have all witnessed, to the point where it sometimes gets so unbelievable that I can’t help myself from laughing. They crusade against the senselessness that paralyzes our companies and offer concrete solutions, as well as very clear and simple paths of reflection that provide employees relief from what hinders them. What if performance and pleasure at work boiled down to LETTING PEOPLE DO THEIR JOBS? So clear and simple and yet…not that obvious to execute.


Learn more : La Comédie (in)Humaine, de Julia de Funès et

Nicolas Bouzou, (L’Observatoire, septembre 2018)