Following MIT’s introduction of Norman, the first AI psychopath, futurist Ivan Gavriloff has authored 2065, an original thriller portraying the circumstances and consequences of the first murder perpetrated by artificial intelligence.

This novel is a captivating read, akin in spirit to the Black Mirror series, and difficult to put down. Earth, 2065. “Humans and machines cohabitate in regulated societies, under the close supervision of the United Nations and the United Artificial Intelligences”. In this highly organized world where humans and AIs alike are separated into various ranks so that all can work better to serve humanity, something has gone horribly wrong. Three murders have been committed, in Deauville, Reykjavik and Tokyo. With his punchy and humorous style, Gavriloff reflects on a future so close that it can’t easily be dismissed as an engaging but unlikely dystopian science fiction narrative. This excellent thriller follows the formula of the best police novels. Using humor and familiar tropes, Gavriloff makes us reflect not only on our relationship with AI, but also with ourselves as humans beings at a time when AI is becoming more and more involved in our daily lives. A must-read!

Learn more: hashtag2065.com

#2065, Ivan Gavriloff (GAIA, 2018)