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Whether you are a fan or a critic of Netflix’s unconventional culture, it’s hard to deny the agility of its high performing teams. Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord explains how she and CEO Reed Hasting went about building a culture to unleash that agility.

Patty McCord was Netflix’s Chief Talent Officer from 1998 to 2012. Over that period, Netflix’s teams navigated rapid change and growth, going from a small DVD-by-mail service into a global media and video streaming giant and disrupting an entire industry. According to Patty, what enabled them to do so was their distinctive culture.
And she argues that the practices and behaviors underlying that culture can – and should – be replicated in other companies: “Every company and every manager is free to institute the practices we used to instill the core set of behaviors that made the Netflix culture so limber.”


Excerpt from Business Digest N°285, April 2018

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How Netflix built a culture of agility

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