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Hyper-connection, hyperpresenteeism, hyper-stress... Yes, digital tools are revolutionizing the way we work and boosting performance, as expected, but they also carry risks for you and your teams. How can you better manage new technologies to ensure they maximize your time and energy rather than waste it?

In a world where it is not the biggest fish that eat the others but the fastest, digital tools (including but not limited to emails, intranets, social networks, collaborative platforms, instant messaging, video-conferences) have become musts. The tools are as powerful as they are indispensable – but their potential can go to waste or even turn harmful if implemented without the right framework. How can you seize the opportunities aff orded by digital technology without exhausting your staff and undermining your organization’s agility? How can you guarantee that these new technologies really give you an advantage rather than hamper you?

1. McKinsey Digital Survey 2016 based on responses from 2135 managers.
2. “Bâtissez une tour, bâtissez une équipe” by Tom Wujec (, February 2010).

Excerpt from Business Digest N°285, April 2018

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