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ENGIE’s 150,000 employees face the “terrible trio” of digital overload: too many emails, too much information, too much data to process. In response, the energy company is rolling out an innovative program that aims to co-create improved information-sharing and communication practices. Explanation with Régis Lavisse, head of the Enterprise 4.0 program.


Régis Lavisse is head of ENGIE Digital’s Enterprise 4.0 program for a little over a year, Régis Lavisse has devoted his career to the world of energy. Régis started out at EDF, where he worked as a sales manager and management consultant, before joining GRDF in 2006, where he has been responsible for a variety of missions ranging from technical agency chief to consumer market manager.

Three years ago, ENGIE embarked on an indepth transformation project around the digital revolution and energy transition. It is a new paradigm, which involves new ways of working and collaborating within the group. The problem: how to spread the desired new behaviors and practices when employees are already suffering from digital overload? “The growing number of information channels, the explosion in available data, and the widespread use of increasingly efficient collaborative tools are having a paradoxical effect on productivity, which is tending to stagnate when we would be expecting to see it gain ground,” says Régis Lavisse. The roots of this problem are easily recognizable: hyper-connectivity, infobesity and the uncontrolled use of email.


Excerpt from Business Digest N°285, April 2018

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Conquering Digital Overload

Interview with Régis Lavisse, head of ENGIE Digital's Entreprise 4.0 program

ENGIE Digital: a new approach to eliminating digital overload

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