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In today’s chaotic business environments, you can quickly go from short bursts of inevitable, even beneficial stress to chronic stress, with devastating consequences for your health and work. Here are practical strategies for strengthening your natural defenses in order to fight back.

When you’re stressed, your body gears up for a real or metaphorical battle, changing its “set points” — baseline levels for blood pressure and hormones — to a higher level to prepare for a challenge or danger. Normally, when the danger has passed, your set points return to normal. But if perceived threats never pass or are too frequent, your set points stay elevated, which is when you suffer the negative mental and physical consequences of chronic stress. But, happily, there are things you can do to help your mind and body become more resilient. In her 2017 book Stress Proof, Cambridge-trained neuro-ophthalmologist Dr. Mithu Storoni out- lines a multifaceted approach for building your stress resilience, based on her research into the concrete steps proven to strengthen cognitive and physical resistance. “When the mind is in its optimal state, it reacts differently. It is more resilient in the face of stress. It heals faster after a trauma. It thinks constructive thoughts and views the world rationally… It truly makes us more stress proof.”


Excerpt from Business Digest N°283, February 2018

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