Humans and machines: creating an exceptional customer experience at Walmart Premium

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How does Walmart use robotics and artificial intelligence to optimize its customer experience? And how does the company help its staff acquire the skills of tomorrow? We find out with Ethan Garett, head of talent development at the world’s largest mass retailer.

Founded in 1962, Walmart has a long history of continually leveraging new technologies to upgrade the customer experience. It was the first company to introduce electronic price tags to its shelves and to trial automatic checkouts. The world’s leading mass distributor has now set a new priority for 2020: to revamp the management of its stores by automating its manual inventory and using the time saved to enhance the service offered to customers. It is a project that is sure to have an impact on the company’s 2.2 million employees, especially its least skilled workers, who are the easiest to replace with machines.


Extract of Business Digest N°282, December-January 2017-2018

Based on an interview of Ethan Garet, HR Manager, Walmart (november 2017).

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Humans and machines: creating an exceptional customer experience at Walmart

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