Using automation to increase profits AND social utility at Danone Premium

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Danone is one of the food industry’s biggest players. In order to inspire and give you a headstart in 2018, we checked in with Danone's CEO to better understand the business impacts of new technologies.

“We are seeing soil exhaustion across large swathes of the United States, South America, and Europe. And there are 600 million obese people in the world today, largely thanks to the abundance of nutritionally poor, calorie-rich food,” notes Danone’s CEO and Chairman, Emmanuel Faber. In the face of such pressing current realities, at Danone Faber says they are on a mission “to protect the planet while feeding as many people and making as much profit as possible.” Danone is able to achieve this “revolutionary” mission, he explains, thanks to new technologies like AI.
Faber points to the unveiling in September 2017 of Danone’s new carbon neutral Evian bottling facility by way of example.

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