The transformation of workspaces at Engie IT

The employees of Engie IT were used to offices that accommodated individuals, or 2 to 3 people. In 2015, a major transformation project was conceived to gather all the group’s employees into one place:

– Participatory workshops (to decide on office design, choose furniture, and so on) helped staff establish good practices and minimized the drama around the loss of fixed offices

– Each team has access to an open workspace, a concentration zone, some small “bubble”-type rooms for isolation, a creative space (with a large white board), and a “creative café”

– The implementation of the flex-office was accompanied by the normalization of telecommuting – another key tool for concentration

– Regular improvements are made: a Design Thinking Room is opening soon

– The rules are regularly put to use (no fixed places except for assistants, 2 hours maximum per day in a bubble, etc.)

As a result:

– Improved collaboration with informal exchanges that serve to advance projects outside of meeting time

– A rising team satisfaction rate. Employees that were nervous about not having a good spot in the flex-office system realize that regulation is actually done naturally.

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