6 (ethical) attention economy business strategies

“Every business today is in constant competition for today’s most valuable resource – attention. And you are competing against 24-7 global news, Kim Kardashian, the latest internet outrage, and newsfeed filled with clickbait,” writes Senior Manager of Marketing at HubSpot, Janessa Lantz. Here is her list of the 6 characteristics that enable content to compete for the “rarest, scarcest, most valuable” resource of all today: attention.

Personalization: content tailored for specific audiences, or niche content

Interpretation: providing support in developing understanding of a given topic or speciality via curation, community building, and research

Authenticity: lack of polish and realness = trustability

Accessibility: For example, online publishing platform Medium, cofounder by Twitter’s Evan Williams, increased the accessiblity of their content through a feature that allows suscribers to bookmark articles to read later offline.

Delivery formats that increase value, such as channel-specific content and in-person events

Findability: Services that “filter out irrelevant content and surface the good stuff” are highly sought by consumers today.


Based on “8 Strategies to Survive in the Attention Economy,” by Janessa Lantz (thinkgrowth.org, 20 June 2017).


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