How can you beat procrastination

Piers Steel, author of The Procrastination Equation, help you counter the curse that is procrastination. At the end: some precious pieces of advice to avoid spending hours roaming on the Internet when you have work to do!

Piers Steel reports that 95% of people admit they put things off until the next day. Procrastination has six main triggers: boredom, frustration, difficulty, ambiguity, a lack of meaning and a shortage of positive motivation. To counter procrastination, Bailey advises us to identify what the trigger(s) are so we can work on them, making the task easier, more attractive, clearer or more rewarding.


Bailey recommends the following if you have an acute attack of “procrastinationitis“:

  • Find easier, faster and more rewarding topics to work on.
  • Project yourself into the future by visualizing the ultimate “costs” of your procrastination.
  • Get down to things by limiting your time, for example to 15 minutes: there is nothing like getting things going, one step at a time, to unblock a situation.


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