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While a community of leaders may be built according to the same the process as that of any other type of digital community, there are also unique specifi cations to consider. A community of leaders will not come together spontaneously. It is critical to found the community on key business and organizational concerns, using a co-creation or design thinking type of methodology. An example of a strong motto is “rallying the front lines.” The mandate for such a community comes from the CEO and / or executive committee and is subject to strict governance to ensure it remains useful to all of its members, each of whom will be quick to lose interest in a social network that fails to bring them value. When choosing the tool, the animation strategy, and the communication plan used to support the community, it is again critical to use co-creation. In short, yes, a community of leaders can be of high value, if you follow the necessary steps in its construction and animation — and don’t forget: “everything starts with why!”

Testimony from Françoise Tollet, CEO of Business Digest, and Caroline Kelcher, Journalist.

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Based on an interview with Kristine de Valck, Associate Professor of Marketing, HEC Paris, August 2016.