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Try out the specific strategies of the world’s most renowned talent developers – people who have demonstrated a consistent, rare ability to hire and hone talent into top performers

Though an incredibly diverse group, Finkelstein says that superbosses tend to fit into one of the three following categories:

Glorious bastards care about one thing: winning. They’re slave drivers, “yet they realize to get the very best results, they need to develop the world’s best people and teams. So they do.”

Nurturers: “These coaches and teachers resemble traditional mentors the most of all three types. They take pride in bringing others along and care deeply about the success of their protégés. They help people accomplish more than they ever thought possible.”

Iconoclasts “usually operate in creative fields, where their single-minded passion for their work inspires their protégés.”

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What it takes to develop performers


Based on ”Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent” by Sydney Finkelstein (Portfolio, february 2016) and an interview with Donald Suter, Managing Principal and CEO, M3 Capital Partners, August 2016.