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Consultant and management coach, Jacques Arnol-Stephan offers a simple interpretive key to facilitate the systemic analysis of an organization and the relationships within it. For him, the sources of conflict are limited to three main archetypes:

• The war of ideologies, including conflicts between professions (sales vs. Support functions for example), but also between advocates of different approaches (such as “achieving numbers” versus “doing good”)

• The struggle for access to scarce resources: the best job, the best budget, the biggest bonuses, the most important responsibilities, the attention of the boss, and so on

• Revenge, even more difficult to decipher because it has likely taken root over along time: a promotion given to one at the expense of another, a service not rendered, and so on

In all three cases, tensions arise due more to organizational dysfunction than because of toxic personalities

Source: “The art of defusing conflicts” by Jacques Arnol-Stephan (J2Reliance, 2012).


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Defusing toxic relationships


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