Recruiting: a confident conformist? Beware… Premium

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On paper and in interviews, they were the ideal candidate. However after a few months the first complaints begin to emerge from all sides. Far from the gem that was expected, the newcomer is actually a problem. And tough luck: the probation period is over.

How many companies have experienced this kind of mishap? And how many would like to avoid it recurring again and again over misleading “good impressions”? The talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand has sought to identify hypothetical warning signs of toxic behavior in a database of 63,000 employees. Analysts have identified two characteristics prevalent among the candidates who become pests:

33 % who claim that rules are made to be followed to the letter.

43 % who have an unwavering confidence in their talents.

All of which can be revealed from a simple personality test!


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Defusing toxic behavior


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