Defusing toxic relationships Premium

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The global business environment is undergoing constant change, as evidenced by evolving management methods, financial pressure, digital transformation, new players who challenge old business models, and so on. The result is increased pressure on employees, which in turn increases the risk of interpersonal conflicts. When tensions arise, people often think the solution is as simple as identifying and neutralizing any toxic individuals who are undermining the morale of others. But, in fact, managing interpersonal conflicts tends to be far more complicated than that…


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Defusing toxic relationships


Based on “How To Manage Conflict” by Kristi Hedges (Forbes 2015); “3 Ways To Stop Yourself From Being Passive-Aggressive” by Peter Bregman (Forbes 2015); “The No. 1 Source Of Workplace Conflict, And How To Avoid It” by Cy Wakeman (Forbes 2015); “How to Deal with a Mean Colleague” by Amy Gallo (Harvard Business Review , 2014); Toxic Management by Patrick Collignon and Chantal Vander Vorst (Eyrolles, 2012) and an interview with David Edelmann , Marketing Director at Denien GmbH (June 2016).