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Stress at work, change management and corporate culture, here are 5 not-to-miss articles published in April 2016

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!

How Companies Escape the Traps of the Past, Harvard Business Review
The life expectancy of a company in the Fortune 500 has gone from around 75 years in 1955 to less than 15 years today. How can companies escape the traps of the past and a changing world to gain longer-term endurance?

The four building blocks of change, MC Kinsey
A McKinsey study shows that organizational transformations are more likely to function if they are founded in four key actions that change mindsets and behaviors.

7 Ways You’re Stressing Out Your Staff (and How to Stop), Inc.
Stress in the workplace might be epidemic, but it doesn’t have to be. What situations place stress on your teams? How can you anticipate and avoid them in order to increase the wellbeing of your teams and thereby increase productivity?

Go Disrupt Yourself, Strategy+Business
Changing strategy isn’t enough to disrupt a large organization. More than that, companies must be able to change “their engines mid-flight” – and that is something at which very few large organizations so far have been able to succeed.

As Google Found Out, It Takes A Lot Of Work To Really Hire Smarter , Eremedia
Luck, opportunity, and networks shape our careers far more than most of us like to admit. This explains why it is so difficult to sell ourselves in 30-minute interviews and why it is so complicated for recruiters to scout talent reliably.