Business Digest supports the showcasing of research at IESEG

In 2014, Business Digest began a partnership with IESEG School of Management to showcase the wealth of academic research produced by its professors and researchers.

Although it plays a crucial role in the evolution of corporate strategy and practice, the valuable research generated within business schools is too often overlooked by professional practitioners. To close this gap between research and the business world, IESEG and Business Digest began partnering in 2014. Ever since, our team has dedicated our editorial expertise and nuanced understanding of economic and management sciences expertise to the co-production of IESEG’s “Experts voices,” a publication that highlights selected research coming out of IESEG.

On the school website, you can find pointed reflections on marketing, management, strategy and more, based on research papers originally published in the most prestigious international science journals and here presented in a concise format adapted for the non-academic world.


Capture d’écran 2016-04-14 à 16.18.40The objective: increase the visibility of scientific works produced by IESEG’s professors and researchers by adapting them to be more accessible to a public not versed in the codes of academic research (technical jargon, modeling and simulation, and so on).