Online animation of Société Générale’s top executive community

In January 2016, Société Générale launched a digital community for its top 300 leaders, with Business Digest supporting the design and delivery of the editorial management strategy. Launched on the group’s internal network, the community is off to a flying start!

In a context of constant change and new challenges for the banking sector, Société Générale felt the need to strengthen support for their top 300 leaders by setting up a new leadership community model. At first, it took the form of a program, designed as a way to connect with peers. Soon after, a digital community was identified as a necessary solution for deepening the community’s impact and solidifying its cohesion over the long term. The primary ambition in setting up the online community was to offer the Group’s leaders a space to share ideas, inspirations, thoughts and ways of working together.
To achieve this, the Group’s University, under the guidance of Sylvie Blanchet Vinatier and Pedro Gonzalo, is calling on the expertise of Business Digest to design and integrate the online community’s editorial management strategy.

What does Business Digest bring to this system?

– Incentive and energy via an editorial strategy based on the principle of a TV show, with episodes linked to the themes of the programme that follow a common thread all year long

– Videos or short articles with strong impact, selected with Business Digest’s expertise as a publisher and curator, that present ideas, trends, and insights that are directly applicable and designed to accompany the community’s face-to-face sessions.

– And, finally, dynamic communications targeted at the community via a structured communication plan

What are the key takeaways?

This very recent community reached 70% of its target. Added to this high level of connection, feedback from community members on the editorial content was positive. Succinct and inspiring, the content is generating high interest from a target population with very little time but a big desire for inspiration around how to be better leaders.

Société Générale’s program support and Business Digest’s online community animation complement one another perfectly to serve the Group’s leaders! And this is only the beginning…