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One of Business Digest’s services: Showcasing management research

Business school research generally goes unnoticed by the professional world; and yet, that research plays a fundamental role in shaping business practices.
In order to promote the diffusion of economic and management sciences research, we have developed a unique expertise in France: the summary and interpretation of academic papers.

To narrow the gap between research and companies, we support universities and business schools in the adaptation of their valuable research for non-specialized audiences and practitioners.
The objective: increase the visibility of scientific works published by teachers and researchers by adapting them to be more accessible to a public not versed in the codes of academic research (technical jargon, modeling and simulation, and so on) thanks to our editorial expertise in the summary, interpretation, and showcasing of economic and management sciences research.

References :
Knowledge@HEC: HEC Paris’ research magazine and blog
TBSearch: Toulouse Business School’s research magazine
– Paris Management Review: Paris School of Business’ research magazine

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