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Rocket Fuel Inc. is a leading ad technology company in the United States that is pioneering the use of AI and machine learning to connect companies and customers. George John explains the company’s use of these technologies and how they are working to create transparency around their data-driven approach to business.

Rocket Fuel Inc. is an ad technology company that uses learning algorithms to help companies connect with their customers through digital advertising. According to Deloitte, Rocket Fuel was the fastest growing company in North America from its founding date in 2008 to 2013. As one of the most noticed ad technology companies in their market and essentially pioneers in the application of AI and machine learning to digital marketing, Rocket Fuel was hit hard in mid-2013 by controversies around programmatic advertising, such as click fraud. “We became representative of these issues in our industry,” notes George John, Rocket Fuel’s former CEO and founder. In response, Rocket Fuel is fighting back by shifting its strategy from simply delivering final results to its customers to creating more transparency and understanding around the AI and machine learning technologies that they use in their services. “When we built Rocket Fuel, we didn’t want to be limited by our customer’s imagination. We wanted to achieve the best outcomes for our customers without dragging them through it all,” explains George. “As the industry has continued to evolve, the market demand has shifted, however, so we are shifting with it.”

Rocket Fuel’s AI system discovers unexpected customer insights
“Rocket Fuel is about experimenting to deliver better results for the business. Machine learning is a way for us to do that experimenting, or science, very quickly. It’s not just about intelligently analyzing the data, it’s also about collecting as much data as possible.” As an example of Rocket Fuel’s methods, George explains one of their recent campaigns for a luxury car buyer…

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What to expect from Machine learning

BD26202Based on The Master Algorithm: How the quest for the ultimate learning machine will remake our world by Pedro Domingos (Basic Books, October 2015), “Power to the new people analytics” by Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens, Bill Schaninger and Karen Tanner (McKinsey Quarterly, March 2015) and “An executive’s guide to machine learning” by Dorian Pyle and Cristina San Jose (McKinsey Quarterly, June 2015) and an interview with George JOHN, Chairman and Founder, Rocket Fuel Inc.