For the eighth year, Business Digest supports the showcasing of research at HEC Paris

The annual publication, Knowledge@HEC 2015, produced in association with Business Digest, is out. It revisits a year of research and reflection at HEC Paris in marketing, finance, strategy, management, and more.

The new edition covers subjects as varied as conformism and originality in strategy, employer branding, the future of luxury, transport management in NGOs, and the speed of transactions on financial markets.

New this year: Knowledge@HEC provides a platform to four affiliate professors, including Emily Alberola, who works on carbon pricing and participated in COP21, and Jérémy Ghez, who specializes in the forecasting capacities of leaders (the subject of an upcoming 2016 MOOC).

What is Knowledge@HEC?
Business school research generally goes unnoticed by the professional world; and yet, that research plays a fundamental role in shaping business practices. Since 2008, to narrow the gap between research and companies, HEC Paris has called upon Business Digest’s editorial expertise in the summary, interpretation, and showcasing of economic and management sciences research.
The objective: increase the visibility of scientific works published by teachers and researchers at HEC Paris by adapting them to be more accessible to a public not versed in the codes of academic research (technical jargon, modeling and simulation, and so on). Since its creation, Knowledge@HEC has published over 140 articles showcasing the academic research of teachers and instructors at HEC Paris.

To read the periodical:

Knowledge@HEC 2015

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