Words from our advisory committee

A member of the Business Digest advisory committee, Langdon Morris presents his book Agile Innovation. He focuses in particular on the concept of « speed, » which is one of the key challenges of any innovation effort today. According to him, innovation is not just a question of new products and services but also the capacity to conceive and launch them more quickly than the competition.

We recently had a fascinating meeting with a prominent venture capitalist based in Palo Alto, and during the course of our conversation about the pressures that his portfolio companies are under he used a fascinating phrase to describe the tech industry as a whole. He said that the lagging companies, many of which are not even lagging that far behind, are being “driven to death by the rate of innovation.”
What a precise way to express both the tone and brutal reality of our times!
During the conversation we also talked about the digital revolution, and the fact that as computer technology continues to advance, the new power it brings creates unprecedented opportunity for those that quickly create new digital platforms, and then attract a very broad base of users. For any firm that is directly in the high tech sector, and likewise any firm that is affected by what happens in tech, the key theme is therefore speed.
Speed is also one of the three main themes of our book, which was published in September 2014 from Wiley. We called it Agile Innovation, as the book explores the synthesis of Agile Software technique and rigorous innovation methodology. We wrote the book with one purpose in mind – to help leaders accelerate their innovation progress.

Langdon Morris is a member of our advisory committee. Since 2001, he has led the innovation consulting practice of Innovation Labs LLC, where he is senior partner and co-founder. He is also a partner of FutureLab Consulting. In addition to Agile Innovation (Wiley, 2014), which he presents above, Langdon Morris is the author of The Innovation Formula (CreateSpace, March 2015), The Innovation Master Plan: The CEO’s Guide to Innovation (Innovation Academy, July 2011), and Permanent Innovation (Innovation Academy, August 2011).

Driven to Death by the Rate of Innovation by Langdon Morris (September 18, 2014) innovationlabs.com