Sustainability for a warming planet

Our selection
Greenhouse gas emissions generated by human activity are threatening a critical global resource: the biosphere! How can we effectively preserve this finite resource for current and future generations, and how can we share it fairly across the world? Sustainability for a Warming Planet responds to these questions from the perspective of sustainability and egalitarianism, considering environmental protection as an economic model for progress and improvement. This positive approach nonetheless requires us to maintain atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide at the same or only slightly higher levels than now. It is therefore very important to invest heavily in both education and cooperative initiatives among developing and developed countries. Indeed, we must all remember that economic growth and climate changed are inextricably linked.

Why did we choose this book?
As the COP21 forum in Paris approaches, here is an approach to environmental sustainability in business that merits consideration. The authors provide a positive message: adopt more profitable business models that decrease CO2 emissions! What conditions and changes would this require from nations? The road ahead is lined with political and economic challenges.

Sustainability for a Warming Planet by Humberto Llavador, John E. Roemer, and Joaquim Silvestre (Harvard University Press, June 2015).