Learning from billion dollar startups

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Contrary to popular belief, Uber, Airbnb and other “new barbarians” don’t owe their success simply to radical innovation or new technologies. They are thriving because they help solve real-life problems that nobody else has ever tried to tackle. This approach is based on an inventive mindset, and one that is particularly difficult to reproduce in large firms, where the corporate structure and hierarchy can be oppressive and stifle energy.

Why we chose this book
Where do new barbarians find their ideas? How do they get them to market in record time? What is required in terms of leadership, management, organization and talent? All these questions are answered in this latest work from Thomas Oppong, a journalist who specializes in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, and who has already written several previous books on the subject.

Learning from billion dollar startups: why startups like uber, xiaomi, airbnb and slack succeed and others don’t by Thomas Oppong (Amazon Digital Services, August 2015).