5 not-to-miss articles published in July cover subjects such as team agility, cognitive bias, and digital transformation!

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!

The number 5 written on the beach. Part of a countdown series.

Make your team less hierarchical, Harvard Business Review

Today, leaders that use a networked model of small teams can quickly outpace those who, thanks to internal silos, continue to focus only on winning individual battles.

Beyond bias, strategy & business

While they enable quick and efficient decision making, biases can also blind people to new information and prevent people from considering relevant facts when making important decisions. How can you fight against unconscious biases?

Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation, MIT Sloan Management Review

As sophisticated as they can be, it’s not the tools that are the key drivers of successful digital transformation: what matters most is the organizational strategy within which they are embedded.

Why we love to hate HR… and what HR can do about it, Harvard Business Review

Since the 1950s, HR has been subject to a wide array of criticisms. According to Peter Cappelli, the business environment after the 2008 crisis finally offers them the opportunity to establish themselves as a truly strategic function.

Growing beyond the core business, McKinsey quarterly

This McKinsey study reveals that few companies who seek growth outside their core business achieve revenue gains as a result.