Spotlight on digital at our 2015 Corporate Learning Workshop

The fifth Corporate Learning Workshop, co-organized by HEC Executive Education, Business Digest and Crossknowledge, took place on 29 and 30 June. Forty policy-makers responsible for corporate learning strategy gathered to reflect together around the theme of “Will your company be e-agile? Sharing the key role of learning in supporting organizational digital transformation”.

1. Digital: Okay, so now what do we do?
Amidst the major upheavals brought about by digital technologies, a question that is being asked with increasing urgency is: How can we support the learning function in terms of innovation regarding the way we imagine, create and work on new business models or methods of conversing with customers? With so many corporate learning professionals sharing their queries and problems with us on this subject, we put it at the top of the workshop’s agenda.

2. First things first: What are we talking about here?
Thierry Happe, co-founder of Netexplo, opened the workshop on the evening of June 29 with a talk entitled: “Monitoring digital practice worldwide: Where do we stand?” This opening lecture, which was addressed to an HR audience, was followed the next day by presentations from François Cazals, affiliate professor at HEC Paris Exed, and Nicolas André, partner and chief data planner at Synomia, who are both specialists in analyzing semantic data. The aim of these contributions was to broaden the field of possibilities for the succeeding workshops.

3. What were the outcomes of the workshops?
The groups identified 15 important issues, six of which were prioritized and explored in greater depth as needing to be tackled by learning: “Uberization” and disintermediation; transforming a business based on new customer requirements; rethinking the value chain; digital technology as “the air we breathe”; developing an organization (managers, working methods and organizational structures); and re-inventing roles, skills, KPIs and tools. A true CLO roadmap for digital transformation emerged!

4. Testimonies from Sanofi and Atos
The measures identified by the working groups, irrespective of their dimensions – mind (strategy, management principles and behaviors), heart (values, corporate culture and emotional aspects) and body (structures, procedures and coordination) – were illustrated by three firsthand accounts: forming a corporate learning strategy at Sanofi (by Nuno Goncalves, Group Head of Learning); building and hosting a digital community for the top 300 at Sanofi (by Françoise Berthier, HR Program Director); and feedback on the Zero Email AmbitionTM at Atos (by Robin Ajdari, VP Learning & Development).

5. Next step: preparations for the 2016 Corporate Learning Workshop
Our next annual workshop will again focus on changes arising from the digital revolution. If you are an HR development executive, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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UsBD25301“Succeeding at digital transformation”
Based on Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation by George Westerman, Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfee (Harvard Business Review Press, October 2014) and the Interview with Maël Tannou, Head of Digital, Sales and Marketing Solutions, Pernod Ricard Group, January 2015.