June in 5 articles

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!

Colorful elastic rubber bands shape Number five

Strengthening your cultural fortress, strategy+business
At Zumasys, the company culture promotes customer service, wellbeing, and individual development, with the result that few employees ever want to leave.

Raising your digital quotient, McKinsey
Digital transformation requires more than just strong leader engagement. It also requires heavy investment in people, technologies, and change management.

The workplace of the future, MIT Sloan Management review
“We’re always asking questions about how work is changing and what that means — and what we can bring to the physical environment to support those changes and the people who are doing that work” – Sara Armbruster, VP, Steelcase.

Operational nous is just as important as great ideas, Management today
Certain individuals are great at coming up with ideas but lack the technical knowhow and “back-office” skills to evaluate and implement them. This is why all teams need a balance of personality types, and the trust and respect to play off each other’s strengths.

Is programmatic advertising the future of marketing? Harvard Business review
According to Harvard Business School Professor Jeffrey F. Rayport, a new marketing model that blends art, i.e., human creativity, and automation is the “inevitable solution” to the current extraordinary complexity of marketing in the digital era.

The best time of day to do everything at work, Fast Company
We all want to work smarter, and science and data have proved that timing plays an important role in scheduling different types of tasks at work, from getting a response to your email to asking for a raise. Grab your calendar, and pencil in the best times to get these seven things done.