August in five articles by Business Digest

We apply our research expertise to offer you a monthly selection of five articles that attracted our attention with their originality, relevance and/or in-depth analysis. Happy reading!


Africa’s testing ground The Economist
In our February 2014 article, “Africa: Opportunities to seize on a continent on the rise,” Business Digest examined the uncertainty of global corporate leaders about entering markets in Africa, many of which are the fastest-growing in the world. In this article, The Economist provides insight into the opportunities and challenges of doing business in the largest of Africa’s economies, Nigeria.

The company with the best culture? Twitter, according to Glassdoor Fast Company
Glassdoor’s 2014 survey on the best places to work in the U.S. has just come out, with Twitter topping the list in the category of values and culture. First and foremost, Twitter employees like their co-workers, describing them as nice, smart, and always willing to help. Another popular aspect of the firm’s culture is the practice of holding meetings on the roof of the office building.

How Google Has Changed Management, 10 Years After its IPO Harvard Business Review blog
Google is often held up as a model of innovative and daring management practices, such as allowing employees to allot 20% of work time to personal projects. This article objectively reviews Google management with a sharp, insightful eye.

How to Use a Cell Phone at Work Strategy&
Should you answer a phone call during a meeting? Everyone has to make this decision for him or herself, but we strongly suggest reading this article first. After learning the findings of a recent study on cell phone use at the workplace, perhaps you will reconsider your stand on the issue.

Lead by Asking Strategy&
According to Eric McNulty, all great leaders share the same ability to ask the right questions…and listen to the answers. This article revisits a topic covered in our report « Do you (really) ask questions? » presenting six fundamental questions that business leaders should know how to ask.