Advice on cybersecurity from Andy Daudelin, expert at AT&T


As a leading global telecommunications services provider, AT&T also provides cybersecurity solutions for its corporate clients, who range in size from large Fortune 500 companies to small companies with just a handful of employees. In the following interview, Andy Daudelin, VP of Security Services at AT&T Business Solutions, explains to Business Digest how he is working with companies to combat cybercrime.

“It is essential to put in place basic prevention mechanisms such as firewalls, web filtering, and email filtering and to ensure they are regularly updated and maintained,” says Andy. He also emphasizes the important role of education and training in prevention. “Employees control a lot of this issue, which is why it is crucial for companies to provide employee education programs that heighten awareness about the importance of not holding the door open for attacks. Within AT&T, we have had several cybersecurity awareness campaigns, such as our 2013 awareness campaign called, ‘You are the firewall,’ which was communicated globally via live executive presentations, employee communications channels, and in-person training. One year later, we have seen an increase in awareness among employees, specifically around phishing emails.” Andy suggests that employee education programs should at least cover the simplest, highest impact issues, including access and passwords, proper use (such as not clicking on certain types of emails or links), and the company’s set of internal security standards.

Based on Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know by P.W. Singer and Allan Friedman (Oxford University Press, January 2014), and interviews with Ben Heyes, General Manager, Cybersecurity, Privacy, & Operational Risk, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Andy Daudelin, VP Security Services, AT&T Business Solutions.

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