10 phone apps to increase productivity Premium

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Are you always on the run and would you like to take full advantage of the potential of your smartphone? We have found 10 phone apps that can help make you more productive. From a task manager to a smart bracelet, there is definitely something for everyone.


1. Evernote for easy, breezy note-taking
With over 2 million users worldwide, Evernote has become the leading productivity enhancement app. Notes (on keyboard or by hand), photos, to-do lists, and vocal reminders are some of the main functions. In comparison to other apps of the same type, the advantage of Evernote is that you can organize, sort, mark up, comment, and search (via the app search engine) for any registered information. You can also share your notes with contacts, who can add to or comment on them.

2. GoodReader enables you to work outside of the office
This is what often happens. You receive a file from a client by email when you are out of the office, open it on your phone in between appointments, start thinking about it…and then you head into your meeting, and when you get back to your office, you can no longer remember your ideas concerning the file from a few hours earlier. Now, if you add GoodReader to the picture, this is what can happen. You can open the document (most file formats may be read), write notes directly on it, highlight important passages…and when you get back to the office, you truly will have gotten a head start!

3. Flipboard, to keep all the news in one place
Whoever uses their phone to keep up with current events has probably dreamed of a simple, easy way to keep all news sources in the same place. Flipboard offers such a place, enabling you to bring all your sources together and organize them in categories in a magazine-like format. You will save both time and energy, as you will no longer be required to open and close various news applications to gather information. Flipboard does this for you and offers an enjoyable reading experience.

4. Use Pocket to carry interesting articles everywhere you go
Do you send yourself links to articles you come across and would like to read at a later time? Your inbox is probably full of such emails, and if you are like most people, you have probably have still not found the time to read them and have even forgotten why you were interested in most of them in the first place. But now there is Pocket, which allows you to save the web pages that catch your eye as you are surfing on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and to later consult them without an Internet connection. Forget lengthy lists of favorites and a stuffed inbox, and use your spare time to just read!

5. Boost creativity with MindNode
Mind-maps are diagrams that offer the most faithful image of how the brain works—in a non-linear fashion, by association, and simultaneously using visual and semantic memory. With MindNode, you can map out your ideas in a straightforward, intuitive fashion. In addition to a sleek, Apple-like style, the app opens very quickly and thus enables you to take notes while you are on the run and reorganize them later. You do not have to be an expert in mind-mapping to appreciate the app. There are just two buttons to click on: “Enter”, to validate, and “Tab”, to create a new branch. It’s practical and fun!

6. Due, an anti-procrastination aide
The days of saying, “I’ll take care of it later, back at the office…” and then letting the matter slip out of your mind are over. With Due, it takes mere seconds to create dozens of alarms to remind you of tasks that must be done (i.e., call back a client, return a document, etc.). And once you have gotten organized, you can use Due to share your experience with others. The app allows you to send alarms to contacts to make sure they don’t forget anything either. Due will give you a sense of control, save you time, and make you more productive.

7. A pocket Scanner

Have you ever wanted to scan notes from an important meeting to get them to your co-workers ASAP? Or perhaps you have been travelling and have not been in the mood to figure out how to use the hotel printer/copier/scanner. Hope is here. Download Scanner, and you will be set. The app enables you to use your smartphone camera to digitalize any document. You can even correct colors and reframe for a better result. Useful for expense receipts and visiting cards, the app is a good way to unclutter your desk. Scanned documents can be saved on your phone, sent by email, printed, stored on Dropbox or GoogleDrive, and more.

8. TimeSheet, because “time is money”
With TimeSheet, it takes just seconds to list what you have done during the day and keep track of how much time you have spent on various projects or clients. Consultants and independent professionals will find the app especially useful, because it also allows you to keep track of expenses that need to be attributed to appropriate parties at a later time. Data can be exported via email or saved on an external hard drive. TimeSheet is a faster, easier way to manger your time table than an Excel spreadsheet!

9. Dropbox, an external hard disk in the Cloud
Do you still send yourself heavy attachments in order to work on a file when you get home or are travelling? Do you have important documents on your computer or phone that are not saved elsewhere? In such cases, it is well worth looking toward the Cloud. Dropbox allows you to automatically synchronize files on a Cloud-based service and to access work documents from wherever you happen to be via any devise (phone, tablet, or computer), provided you have an Internet connection. You can also use Dropbox to share files with other people. This connected hard disk is a very useful collaboration tool.

10. Boost physical performance with FitBit Flex
The FitBit Flex bracelet and app can help resolve stress and low-energy issues. The bracelet is a Quantified Self tracking devise with a heart monitor that will show you where you experience the most stress during the day, week, month, or year (i.e., customer appointments, big meetings). Once you have identified which situations are the most stressful for you, you can use the information to plan on how to better deal with them. FitBit Flex can also reveal your least productive times of day. The LED lights on the bracelet turn red when you reach an activity low-point, indicating that it time to take a break to reenergize before getting back to work.

Based on, among others, “The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs and How to Design Your Own Master Routine” by Belle Beth Cooper (Buffer, September 2013) and “4 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Maximize Productivity” by Margaret Heffernan (INC, May 2014) and the interview with Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur and writer, July 2014.