April in Five Articles by Business Digest

We use our expertise in monitoring to offer you a monthly selection of five articles that attract our attention with their originality, relevance and/or in-depth analysis. Happy reading!

5 articles avril

« Lead at your best », McKinsey & Company.
What is keeping you from attaining excellence? Two experts from McKinsey suggest five measures for “unlocking your leadership potential”: 1) analyze your strengths; 2) practice the art of pausing to think; 3) forge trust in the people around you; 4) choose your questions wisely; 5) take time to recover.

« Which Customers to Listen to, When », HBRblog.
Asking customers their opinion is not enough in itself; you have to know how to listen to the customers who can really bring added value and innovation. But be careful, warns Maxwell Wessel, Vice-President of Innovation at SAP: it is seldom your biggest, most profitable or most loyal customers who make the difference.

« Why the Old Paradigms of Strategy Development Are Out of Date », Insead Knowledge.
The context in which to develop and execute winning business strategy has changed, writes Chris Outram in INSEAD Knowledge, urging leaders to update how they formulate strategy. His article explains that the new context is marked by transitory competitive advantage, technological disruption, and increasing demands from both customers and employees for sustainability and purpose.

« Myths and realities of clean technologies », McKinsey & Company.
The IPCC issued its report on climate change mitigation on April 13, in which it re-stated the urgent need for action to protect the environment. In this article McKinsey paints an optimistic picture of the cleantech companies that are assuming this responsibility in the industrial sector.

« Nigeria’s GDP Just Doubled on Paper: What It Means in Practice », HBRblog.
Nigeria stole the show earlier this month with the results of the re-evaluation of its GDP. This turnaround, although only theoretical, will have an impact on investment in Africa (whose merits Business Digest recently praised). This article explains the implications.