Leaders eat last: why some teams pull together and others don’t



Why did we choose this book?
It is difficult today to deny the importance of soft skills for leadership. The author of the bestseller Start With Why and former advertiser Simon Sinek provides new insights, arguing the neurochemical basis of the effectiveness of softs skills. Read it to explore this inexhaustible subject!

Having engaged and dedicated employees is the dream of every leader. To make it a reality, Sinek proposes in Leaders Eat Last to change perspective. According to him (and others, like John Dame), it is the sense of sacrifice and selflessness of leaders that has the most effective impact on engagement, collaboration, and the performance of individuals, and thus, that of teams. The author provides a biological explanation for this: individual performance depends on well-being, which is rooted in the need for safety (remember, this is the second level of Maslow’s pyramid). For Sinek, “real leaders” are those who, through their sense of sacrifice (of their advantages, comfort, or status), as the title suggests, protect their troops from attack, creating a stress-free environment, where solidarity, trust, and belonging prevail.