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Joy at work may sound like a superfluous subject, but Business Digest has identified a surprising, compelling angle on wellbeing at work in Menlo Innovations CEO Richard Sheridan’s book Joy, Inc. Contrary to the popular belief that fun is key to professional happiness, Sheridan asserts that discipline is a far more powerful and enduring factor of joy at work.


Collaboration is a major driver of wellbeing, because it leads to strong social bonds. At Menlo Innovations, collaboration starts with systematic work partnerships. Every week, project managers designate pairs of people to work on an assignment together. To ensure collaboration is genuine, pairs are attributed a single computer.
• Sense of accomplishment is another powerful factor of wellbeing, says Sheridan, so every company member needs to know precisely where his or her contribution stands in the customer satisfaction process. At Menlo, each person’s assignment is posted on a board, so everyone can see exactly where a person’s work generates value.
• Uncertainty is the enemy of wellbeing, because it slows people down and saps motivation. To reduce uncertainty, Sheridan established the practice of having individuals write down the work they have done on index cards. This becomes the starting point for a customer satisfaction process involving deliberate adaptation to customer needs and constraints.

Business leader testimony
Can you find joy in optimizing the processes and services of other businesses? According to Suhail Bin Tarraf, CEO of Tanfeeth (Dubai), you can. Suhail Bin Tarraf believes joy and wellbeing can be leveraged as part of more effective management for fostering employee engagement. Tanfeeth launched its first wellbeing initiatives in 2011, and since then, company revenue has increased between 30 and 400% (depending on the branch of activity).

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Collaboration and shared goals: sources of wellbeing at work

Based on Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love by Richard Sheridan (Portfolio, January 2014), and the interviews with Suhail Bin Tarraf, CEO, Tanfeeth (Dubai) and Joseph Leong, rear admiral, Republic of Singapore Navy.
Business Digest N° 244, March 2014

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