Partager le pouvoir, c’est possible


Why we chose this book?
It offers a critical view of of capitalism and a realistic picture of the difficulty of breaking “uncomfortable habits that nonetheless feel comfortable.” Albert shows that autonomy, wellbeing, and collaboration (values dear to Business Digest) deserve priority in the corporate world.

When shareholder pressure forces companies to focus on short-term profit, they can lack the resources address issues of wellbeing, autonomy, and trust in the workplace. Is this the way it has to be, or can these two types of interests be reconciled? According to Eric Albert, founder of the French anti-stress institute (IFAS), they can. Albert presents good practices from successful companies including Google, Zappos, Gore-Tex, and northern France’s Favi, showing that certain management models can indeed respond to the needs of both shareholders and the workforce. However, for them to work, leadership must be willing to give up some of its power and trust employees, granting them autonomy and pulling back on evaluation and controls. Similarly, employees must accept responsibility and collaborate effectively toward collective rather than individual goals, taking initiatives and accepting the risks involved.

Partager le pouvoir, c’est possible by Eric Albert (Albin Michel, January 2014).