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We feel it necessary to explore a subject that is currently on everyone’s lips: agile leadership. What is it? Why and how should you develop it? Our look at agile leadership features an interview with Arina Morozov, head of leadership and talent development, OMGD (Russia).

Risk Confusion

Our report “Are you an agile leader?” emphasizes three key points about agile leadership:

1. Navigating uncertainty
• Encourage experimentation: Having too many rules is counter-productive in an uncertain environment. Stay in an experimental state of mind and apply it to your teams.
• Cultivate different perspectives: Lead several alternative or simultaneous strategies, maintain a diverse pool of talent, and encourage debate.
• Share leadership through delegation (which tasks and decisions could be given to other members of your teams?), and by promoting critical, independent thought among your teams, encouraging people to ask “what is the best action?” instead of “what does our boss think we should do?”

2. Promoting autonomy
Leadership is now about influence, not authoritarian command-and-control management. Offering employees more opportunity to engage in decision-making processes increases your agility as a leader as well as organizational agility.

3. Staying in tune with your environment

Use new technologies. Social media tools facilitate the flow of information internally and with external partners, improving your ability to respond to changes in your environment.

To make collaboration with stakeholders more effective and sustainable, take their interests and concerns into account as much as yours and aim to create win-win solutions.

Business testimony
In 2007, OMGD launched a learning program designed to develop leadership agility. Based in Moscow and operating across a dozen countries, the Russian mining company uses international and multicultural experiences to develop the agility of its high potentials.

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Are you an agile leader?

Based on, among others, “Adaptive Leadership” by Roselinde Torres, Martin Reeves, and Claire Love (BCG, December 2010), “Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams” by Roselinde Torres and Nneka Rimmer (BCG, April 2012), and an interview with Arina Morozov, head of leadership and talent development, OMGD (Russia), January 2014.
Business Digest N° 243, February 2014

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