The Art of Thinking Clearly

By Rolf Dobelli (Eyrolles, October 2013).

Our selection:
Why do we decide better when we decide less? Why are first impressions rarely correct? Why do we always assume that others think like us? Why do we prefer the risk of uncertainty? Rolf Dobelli attempts to answer these questions and more with a sense of humor in The Art of Thinking Clearly. After his bestseller Stop fooling yourself [“Arrêtez de vous tromper”] published in 2012, the author, economist and entrepreneur, tackles cognitive biases, the unconscious pitfalls that often lead us to make bad decisions. The first lesson (of the book’s 52): The best way to succeed is to do what you shouldn’t do, rather than what you should. A simple application: Try to avoid problems instead of trying to solve them at all costs! Based on the latest research on the brain, Dobell sets out to help us act more intelligently

Why we chose this book?
Decision making has long been the subject of extensive study. And yet, there are few books available that manage to combine relevant findings in neuroscience with practical advice on how to make better decisions. Rolf Dobelli rises to the challenge with his smart, funny, and useful book The Art of Thinking Clearly.

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