History and management collection

Under the direction of Anne Vermès (Eyrolles, March 2013).

Our selection:
“I propose to design a castle where you will be able to show the best of yourself.” When Nicolas Fouquet, finance minister of Louis XIV, employed the architect Le Vau to build the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, a masterpiece of sophistication and boldness, he managed to bring out the best in various artisans. Can we take our inspiration from the leaders of the past in our businesses today? With the History and management collection, Anne Vermès immerses us in the time of Gustave Eiffel, Nicolas Fouquet, and the Lumière brothers. She invites us to walk in their footsteps, to discover their proven methods for motivating employees, developing high potentials, and putting innovation at the heart of strategy. A graduate of economics and law, Anne Vermès has directed since 2003 Traits d’Union, a consulting and training firm that sees great ideas for management in the study of history. She has spoken several times at our HRLab meetings, notably on the topic of “cathedral builders,” models of excellence and performance.
Already published in the collection: Motivate like Nicolas Fouquet, Be entrepreneurial like the Lumière brothers, and Manage a project like Gustave Eiffel.

Why we chose this book:
With this new collection, Anne Vermès offers an original and fascinating approach to managment, which stands out among the (often boring!) practical manuals and guides we wade through on a daily basis at Business Digest. If you are fond of history or just curious, the great leaders presented in this book will provide you with an inexhaustible store of good pratices.

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Motivate like Nicolas Fouquet by Anne Vermès

How did the leaders of the past understand the world in which they found themselves? What were their sources of inspiration? What motivated them to become leaders? In this video, Anne Vermes presents her collection History and management, which is neither historical account nor management essay but rather a journey through time.