The Secret Life of Decisions

The Secret Life of Decisions draws on decades of research to explain why even the most highly trained and talented executives end up making bad decisions from time to time. According to author Meena Thuraisingham and her collaborator Wolfgang Lehmacher, bad decisions most often result from failures to identify subtle cognitive biases hardwired into human thinking processes, not lack of critical thinking faculties. What are the unconscious processes that shape decisions and what traps compromise the better decision making? Starting with, most importantly, the book’s outing of the “secret” cognitive biases that sabotage the ability to make quality decisions and an emphasis on the idea that decision-making is a skill, which, like all other skills, can be honed through instruction and practice, this book provides a range of supports for leaders looking to make wiser and more effective decisions.


The Secret Life of Decisions: How Unconscious Bias Subverts Your Judgment By Meena Thuraisingham, in collaboration with Wolfgang Lehmacher (Gower, January 2013)