Our YouTube selections!


After tackling Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Business Digest is now establishing its presence on YouTube. The objective is to share our trendwatching in video format, offering new selections on a weekly basis. The advantage lies in being able to share our favorites, saving (but not preventing!) you from having to do your own exhaustive online search to find THE videos you need to see.

Business Digest shares our intelligence gathering via a selection of not-to-miss videos

Think open strategy, big changes, innovation in a constrained world, client feedback, cutting-edge ideas around leadership, and don’t forget personal development… All the Business Digest themes reviewed and categorized into easily navigated playlists.

Business Digest not only selects the best videos out of the Web’s near limitless array but also creates its own. Examples include an overview of the HRLab (co-hosted by HEC Executive Education), featuring Christian Gatard in a moment of pure openness and shared intelligence on the subject of “Our next 20 years,” as well as a report from our journalist Caroline Schuurman in “HR Trends: autonomy and the global skills gap.”

Discover Rudolphe Durand (“Wikileaks, Anonymous, Pirate movements: signs of a changing society”), Simon Sinek (“If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business”), Neil Pasricha (“The 3 A’s of Awesome”), David Lammy (“Leading Through a Crisis”), Larry Smith (“Why you will fail to have a great career”), and many others.

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