What Matters Now

Gary Hamel, Jossey-Bass, February 2012.

In with autonomy and liberty, out with bureaucracy and control. Gary Hamel, management guru, is adamant that in an increasingly uncertain environment, what matters most is reinventing the way you manage. This approach is light years away from the theories of the 20th century that called for command & control. Now, the right way to boost the morale of the troops and to inspire creativity and hard work is to treat each person as an adult, the master of his or her own decisions. And this should be done in the most courteous disrespect of hierarchical principles. Using best practices from avant-garde companies (notably WL Gore) and examining in detail the problems facing all leaders, Hamel gives the keys to inventing the management of tomorrow and to avoiding the disasters of a “bureaucratic spring.” To be read as a survival guide.

What Matters Now by Gary Hamel, Jossey-Bass, February 2012

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