Strategic vacuum

By Philippe Baumard, CNRS Editions, February 2012
« Market, media, and political leaders in a panic, runaway sovereign debt, finanical speculation, revolt and repression of the people: what if this string of crises, which seem to be pushing us into a bottleneck, were the result of a strategic vacuum?” This is the question posed by Philippe Baumard, professor at Stanford and the Ecole Polytechnique in France, who is convinced that, since the cold war, political and industrial leaders have gradually “sacrificed” strategy to tactics. Result: immediacy has gained precedence over analysis, and no one takes the long term into account! Do these observations constitute good reason for pessimism? Definitely not, says the author, who emphasizes that though periods of strategic vacuum may be unpleasant, because they generate anger and resentment, they also provoke beneficial inquiry.

University professor (Stanford, Ecole Polytechnique) Phillipe Baumard is the author of numerous works on strategy and management.
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