Glocalization: Addressing Market Idiosyncrasies Premium

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Nowadays, consumers everywhere demand that their individual characteristics be taken into account. The time for internationalization strategies based on standardization is over: get ready for glocalization.

Nokia’s conduct in India offers a premium illustration of glocalization. Not only has the company optimized local marketing schemes, but it has set an example for the rest of the Group by demonstrating the benefits of reverse innovation.

Free Beer caused an uproar in a highly traditional market: it is a recipe, a name, and a logo that anyone, anywhere, can use and adapt according to personal taste. This raises significant questions about traditional notions of copyrights and standardization.


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Glocalization: Addressing Market Idiosyncrasies

Business Digest no. 214, March 2011.

Written in collaboration with Michel Hébert, vice president of TBWA France, an interview with Shiv Shivakumar, managing director and vice president of Nokia India, and a business case about Free Beer, February 2011.