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Members of Gen C (born in the 1990s) possess some of the most sought-after qualities for business. What are the best practices for recruiting and managing them?

A generation that changes the game
Au cours des dix prochaines années, une nouvelle génération va à nouveau changer le panorama des relations humaines au sein de l’entreprise : les Gen C, pour communication, collaboration et connexion. Nés après 1990 dans les pays développés, ces cadets de la génération Y ont un pouvoir de transformation bien supérieur à celui de leurs aînés. Avec un fonctionnement naturel en réseaux (là où Gen X et Y sont encore profondément marqués par les modèles hiérarchiques verticaux), ils intègrent très naturellement les valeurs que la plupart des organisations prônent en vain depuis une dizaine d’années : ouverture, collaboration et innovation.

Over the course of the next ten years, a new generation will change once again the panorama of human relations in business: Generation C, for communication, collaboration, and connection. Born after 1990 in developed nations, the youngest of Generation Y have a transformative power far
greater than that of their elders. Functioning most naturally in a network environment (in contrast to elder Gen X and Y, who remain profoundly marked by vertical hierarchical models), they very easily incorporate the values that most organizations have been advocating for a decade: openness, collaboration, and innovation.

They have daily practices sobering

How do Gen C change in turn the collective rapport at work ? The practices of the younger generations are changing their relationship to time, space, and power.
Workplace frictions with their elders linked to differences in social behavior sometimes result. To limit these tensions, create customized management practices and restore intergenerational confidence through one-on-one mentoring. But while they may behave like Martians, they also need guidance. Companies that offer them a working environment which is at once stimulating and reassuring will gain in openness, cooperation, and creativity.

An exemple : Morningstar
Morningstar has carved itself out a reputation as an outstanding employer for the youngest generation.
By laying its bets on this energy source that makes up more than half of its recruits, this champion of investment analysis combines agile recruitment, diversity of opportunities, all-out mobility, a flexible working environment, high-speed (but well-oiled) career development, the use of 2.0 technologies, and ethical practices. Illustrated by Marie-Laure Grée, HR Business Partner Morningstar France!

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Gen C: Collaboration, Communication, Connection

Business Digest no. 217, June 2011.

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