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Emotional intelligence, new generations, innovation and book clubs for leaders… here are 5 not-to-miss articles published in February 2016

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!

How to hire for emotional intelligence, Harvard Business Review
Why is there a deficit of emotional intelligence within companies today? For starters, this trait is rarely included in recruitment criteria. In this article explores how to better identify this critical quality during the job interview process.

Does your organisation run on fear?INSEAD
A culture of fear is not linked to a taste for challenge or risk-management. On the contrary, oppressive leadership tends to result in destructive behaviors. What are the symptoms of an organization that runs on fear and how can such a culture be remedied?

Why Businesspeople Should Join Book Clubs, Harvard Business Review
Participation in book clubs provides both personal and professional benefits. Notably, it enables you to develop a range of skills, as outlined in this article.

Millennials: Burden, blessing, or both?, McKinsey
What are the new opportunities and challenges that younger generations present to companies? This study from McKinsey & Company explores the question – and paints a tough portrait of Millennials.

Are You Brainstorming the Right Way for Innovation?, Wharton
What do brainstorming sessions require to ensure they result in truly innovative, high-value ideas? This Wharton Mack Institute for Innovation Management study reveals that diversity among participants is not enough to guarantee success.






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